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Episode 43: Losing Over 100 lbs., How Did He Do It? Personal Story- Sean Mulroney


Losing Over 100 lbs., How Did He Do It? Personal Story- Sean Mulroneyow To Improve Your Sleep To Impact Your Weight Loss

When you hear the word ‘obese’, what do we usually think of? When you encounter people suffering from obesity, what thoughts come to you? Do you see them as suffering from a disease that needs medical treatment, or do you see them as people who are lazy, who lack willpower, and can’t do anything in life?

Today’s guest is going to bust these myths today. Sean Mulroney has seen some exceedingly difficult times in his life, translating to his weight gain, but he has come out stronger on the other side. He hosts a podcast called The Obesity Revolution and runs a program with his personal trainer to help people in a similar situation. Through his podcast, he tries to spread awareness about obesity to others.

Key Learnings:

Tune in to this conversation with Sean Mulroney to know:

  • How he got to his heaviest weight of 687 lbs.
  • What led him to put on so much weight
  • The diets, supplements, and pills he tried and failed at
  • How Lymphedema has made it more difficult for him to lose weight
  • The effects that weight bias in society brings to people who suffer from obesity
  • His greatest motivation to keep going
  • His healthier food alternatives
  • How his healthier lifestyle has affected his relationships in the best way

Sean Mulroney’s Acronym for Overcoming Obesity

  1. Overcome the mind.
  2. Become a better version of yourself.
  3. Embrace your situation.
  4. Stabilize and simplify your environment.
  5. Intrinsic motivation
  6. Transform your habits.
  7. You’re accountable and responsible for yourself.


Sean Mulroney:

“When the results don’t show up, I keep showing up.”

“You find your why, you find your way.”

“It’s not about the weight you lose. It’s about the health you gain.”

“I want the scale to move, but the scale just measures my weight, not my worth.”


Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal

“Finding somebody who’s going through the same journey as you are may actually be very helpful for you.”

“It’s not about taking the blame for or who’s to blame for your obesity or not, the fact is that you’re here, and you’re suffering from this disease. It’s really at this point in time you have to decide whether you want to take responsibility for getting your body to a healthier self or not.” 

“It has to be one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”


Sean Mulroney— The Obesity Revolution


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