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Episode 92: Personal Stories- Amelia Sherry


Episode 92: Personal Stories- Amelia Sherry


We recently had Amelia Sherry on the podcast who shared a wealth of information on preventing disordered eating in children. She also shared that she herself has had some struggles with disordered eating in the past. Today she’s here to share her personal journey through her disordered eating and how she’s been able to cope with that.

Amelia Sherry is a registered and certified dietitian/nutritionist who works primarily with children and parents who are struggling with issues related to weight, growth, diabetes, and especially parent-child feeding dynamics. Before offering individualized nutrition counseling to women and families via her private practice in Westchester, New York, she worked very closely with the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology at Mount Sinai Medical Center where she was a clinical dietitian for over five years. 

She is the founder of Nourish Her, an online resource that offers community education and support to mothers who are recovering from a history of chronic dieting and or disordered eating so that they can raise children who have happy, healthy relationships with food.



Key Highlights: 

Tune in to my conversation with Amelia Sherry and learn:

  • How she started dieting since her early in high school
  • Feeling very out of control around food as soon as she stepped into college and had a lot of freedom 
  • Moments when Amelia would feel shame around her eating being out of control and yet still not meeting this “ideal” weight or figure of being extremely skinny
  • How Amelia realized she had been in this cycle of disordered eating
  • What changed when Amelia became a dietitian 
  • How her own experience with disordered eating impacted her decision to shift from studying in law school to become a registered dietitian
  • How Amelia’s personal experience with disordered eating has helped her relate to her patients affected by the same thing as well
  • How Amelia managed her own and her children’s eating patterns during the COVID pandemic
  • How stress can cause old disordered eating patterns to come back and how to manage these stressful situations
  • What is intentional feeding mindset




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