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Episode 90: Raising A Child In A Larger Body


Episode 90: Raising A Child In A Larger Body


We all have different body shapes and sizes. I had Amelia Sherry on my show some time back and we talked about disordered eating and how to prevent children from developing that. Well, since I am talking about childhood obesity this month, we thought it might be good to talk about how to raise a child in a larger body.

Amelia Sherry is a registered and certified dietitian/nutritionist who works primarily with children and parents who are struggling with issues related to weight, growth, diabetes, and especially parent-child feeding dynamics. Before offering individualized nutrition counseling to women and families via her private practice in Westchester, New York, she worked very closely with the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology at Mount Sinai Medical Center where she was a clinical dietitian for over five years. 

She is the founder of Nourish Her, an online resource that offers community education and support to mothers who are recovering from a history of chronic dieting and or disordered eating so that they can raise children who have happy, healthy relationships with food.



Key Highlights: 

Tune in to my conversation with Amelia Sherry and learn:

  • Physical and mental challenges faced by kids in a larger body 
  • What parents of children often are going through when they approach Amelia Sherry 
  • How the negative pressure from the parents impacts children with a larger body
  • Some examples of methods and resolutions Amelia has put in practice that could be helpful for the parents to emulate when dealing with their children who are suffering from overweight or obesity 
  • Initial steps for parents to take and what can also be done differently by society to address such issues



“We can’t control the size and shape of our body. Let’s focus on the things that we can control, our habits, our attitudes towards food, our access to be active, and our attitudes towards that it’s not punishment, it’s positive. It’s therapeutic. It feels great. Those type of working on that sort of approach with parents is a lot more helpful.” – Amelia Sherry

“Let’s get to the point where we help your child accept the body that they’re in and again, appreciate it for all the things that it can do and it’s doing for them.” – Amelia Sherry




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