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Episode 69: Personal Stories – Crystal Church


Personal Stories- Crystal Church

Mindset plays a big role in almost any process we start, the battle has to be won in the mind before it actually happens. In today’s episode, I interview someone who has an inspirational story about her weight loss journey, how she overcame addiction and obesity and found her best accountability partner in her daughter. 

Crystal Dawn Church is a personal and professional leadership life coach, the CEO, and the creator of Dreamweaver Consulting. She recently wrote the book, The Evolution of Dreamweaver: 7 Steps To Delivering On Your Dreams that documents her story that started with a life of incest, mental and physical abuse and ended in her victory. She finally lost about 75 pounds after various attempts, and today we’ll find out from her how she did that.



Key Highlights: 

Tune in to my conversation with Crystal and learn:

  • Crystal’s weight issues stemming from her tumultuous childhood, emotional eating, and going down the addiction path
  • The effects of methamphetamine on your appetite and body
  • Hitting her highest weight at 250 pounds after having her last child
  • Replacing her addiction to drugs with an addiction to work and food
  • The lightbulb moment that made Crystal decide to try to lose weight
  • Finding an accountability partner in her daughter
  • Other weight loss programs Crystal and her daughter tried in the past before finding something that worked for them
  • How she realized she needed to heal emotionally before she started losing weight
  • The key factors in Crystal’s weight loss success
  • Her struggles in losing weight and how she and her daughter helped each other
  • How did obesity itself affect your relationship with your family, with your friends? And how did that change with your weight loss?


How To Manage Your Food Cravings:

  1. Increasing your water and watching your sugar intake.
  2. In sobriety, there’s an acronym called HALT – Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Those are trigger words.
  3. Sometimes it’s boredom. Sometimes it’s thirst. Sometimes, sometimes you’re stressed. And that’s what’s causing you to be hungry. Sometimes it’s anxiety. So there are so many other cues that can lead you to feel hungry, but you’re not actually hungry for food, so drink water.
  4. Logging your food in a food diary
  5. Meal planning


Crystal’s Advice To People Who Are On Their Weight Loss Journey Who May Not Be Able To Find The Support They Need Or The Right Path To Get To Their Ideal Weight:

  1. Never give up. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried.
  2. Don’t be afraid to connect with someone and if it’s not the right someone, connect with someone else.
  3. Keep shifting, keep pivoting.
  4. Know that you are worthy of everything.
  5. And if you want to be healthy, you get to be healthy. Do whatever it takes, dream, declare, deliver. If you can dream it, and you declare it out loud. You can do whatever it takes to deliver on it.



Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal

“I think trust plays a big role in this and really finding people who’ve actually taken the similar steps that you have or have actually had the same journey as you have, I think it is much more important than to have somebody else sitting on the other side, and, you know, preaching something, or advocating for something.”

“I think it’s a difficult journey. And everybody needs to understand what all is going on within your body when you have this disease of obesity. Before you can actually start this journey because you know, knowledge is power.”


Crystal Church

“Knowledge is power and perfection is overrated.” 

“Our reality is our perception based on our experiences and what we have and what we feel about ourselves as well. And so it’s very crucial to actually change your mindset, whenever you’re doing anything for that matter, not just weight loss.” – 

“Act as if, step into the level of the life, the form you want to be, act as if you are that, and then your body aligns.” 




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