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Episode 82: Health Halos On Food Labels


Episode 82: Health Halos On Food Labels


You’ve seen them everywhere, the little “healthy” labels that are on the package of so many foods that we buy. But are they really healthy? Or do companies use these tricks to get us to spend more money?

Find out what the marketing industry doesn’t want you to know about these ‘health halos’ as I’m joined once again by my guest Prajakta Apte.

Prajakta Apte is a registered dietitian and a registered yoga teacher. She practices functional nutrition and has a nutritional consulting business. Prajakta strongly believes that food has healing power and the right food choices and healthy lifestyle help you connect your body and mind. Her area of interest is gut health and nutrition and how to use nutrition to improve your gut health.



Key Highlights: 

Tune in to my conversation with Prajakta Apte and learn:

  • The marketing gimmicks that companies use to trick people to believe that they are buying healthy food
  • Not all foods that are packaged or labeled as vegan or paleo are necessarily healthy
  • What does reduced sugar and/or reduced-fat mean?
  • The real deal on fruit snacks and juices that claim to be 100% natural 
  • Are fresh vegetables found in supermarkets healthier than frozen foods?
  • The truth behind ‘seven grains’ or ‘multigrain’ often seen on packaging 
  • The truth about food packaging labeled as 0 grams trans fat
  • What are superfoods? 
  • Why the definition of cage-free is very different from our perception of cage-free chickens
  • The many names of sugar and how one form of sugar is not necessarily healthier than the other form



“It is definitely important to avoid yourself in getting into this trap of buying blindly based on the buzzwords and don’t forget to think about the underlying product.” – Prajakta Apte

“Look at the product, look at the ingredients, read the food label carefully. Ask a question, whether this is really something that you want to purchase, it’s going to fit into your meal plan your health goals, everything and absolutely, then make a decision about that.” – Prajakta Apte




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