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Episode 65: Overcoming Overweight In The Face Of Autism, A Personal Journey- Jimmy Clare


Overcoming Overweight In The Face Of Autism, A Personal Journey- Jimmy Clare

Today’s guest, Jimmy Clare, has faced some tough challenges in his life. Diagnosed with autism as a child, he suffers from spinal stenosis, a very painful condition. Add do that, weight gain. This caused him to be bullied from a young age, but he has overcome all of this and is an inspiration to so many people.



Key Highlights:

Tune in to my conversation with Jimmy and learn:

  • How the medications he took for autism contributed to his weight gain
  • The lightbulb moment that made him want to change his nutrition, health, and lifestyle
  • Taking his health and weight issues into his own hands
  • How he ditched his poor eating habits and sugar cravings by going cold turkey
  • Starting the P90x program with his dad made him lose 30 pounds and gain muscle
  • How he stood up to his bullies
  • His struggles going cold turkey on all sweets, junk food, and pizza changes and how he overcame those struggles
  • What eventually made it easier for him to lose weight, keep it off and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle
  • Why you should consult a physician before doing any physical activity especially if you’re overweight or obese
  • Going on a 404-day streak (and counting) tracking his nutrition through My Fitness Pal
  • The various exercise programs Jimmy is now doing – kickboxing, Beachbody on Demand, and boxing
  • What has been the impact of exercising on his autism condition


Tips From Jimmy for Anyone Wanting to Start a Healthy Lifestyle:

  1. Consult your physician before trying any strenuous physical activity.
  2. Dial into your body to see what your body really needs – whether you’re feeling full or not feeling full and what’s making you feel good internally with what foods you’re putting in.
  3. Track your nutrition.
  4. In terms of exercise, start with something that you know, you get that you know you could finish and enjoy.
  5. Listen to your body, and, and figure out what modifications that will work for you.
  6. Sticking with a simple routine that you can manage is good as you start, and then gradually do more once you get better.


Jimmy Clare

“Enjoyment is such an important part of the exercise. When we talk about exercise prescription, we talk about enjoyment as a part of it.”

“Listen to your body, and, and figure out modifications that will work for you.”


Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal

“You cannot outrun a bad diet. No matter how much exercise you do, really, diet also is very, very crucial as far as any weight loss goes.”

“Sticking with one physical activity at a time is really what the key is.”

“Even if you just log your foods consistently, that itself helps you with the weight loss because you’re kind of developing this accountability to yourself when you’re logging in all your meals. And by all meals, I mean everything that you eat, everything that goes into your mouth, that itself can be a great help as far as weight loss goes”. 



Jimmy Clare –


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