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Episode 64: Meal Frequency And Chrononutrition


Meal Frequency And Chrononutrition

Do you ever wonder why we eat three meals a day? Can you really lose weight by eating small, frequent meals? Did you know that eating more than one meal a day was considered a form of gluttony in ancient times? Find out more about how often we should eat and when to eat based on science.

In this episode, we’ll do a deep dive into the science behind meal frequency and meal timing by discussing the different studies conducted on how frequent meals affect the body. I will also discuss the best time to eat lunch and dinner as well as the advantages and disadvantages of eating frequently. And I hope that you use this knowledge to help you on your journey to better health.



Key Takeaways:

Tune in to this episode and learn:

  • The eating pattern in ancient times
  • Nibbling diet: Is consuming snacks better than two to three meals a day?
  • Eating frequency and its impact on body weight, BMI, and obesity
  • The impact of timing of lunch and dinner on obesity and overall health



“Choose healthy snacks if you choose to snack, eat an early lunch if you choose to eat lunch, and an early dinner if you choose to eat dinner.”



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