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Episode 71: Green Tea And Obesity, Is There A Link?


Green Tea And Obesity, Is There A Link?

When you google “How to Lose Weight?”, you would definitely find that one of those is green tea! If you are someone who has also heard of the wonders of green tea and are curious, you’d want to stop by this quick episode because I will be discussing what green tea actually does to your body and how effective it really is for weight loss.



Key Highlights: 

Listen to this short episode and learn:

  • What plant teas come from
  • Different types/varieties of tea
  • Main chemical components in teas 
  • EGCG is the most important of the tea catechins
  • Benefits of green tea to the body 
  • Different studies on the effects of green tea


Different Types Of Tea:

  1. Unfermented tea
    • Green tea
    • White tea.
  2. Semi-fermented teas
    • Oolong tea
  3. Fermented tea
    • Black tea


Active Biochemical Components In Tea:

In unfermented teas:

  1. Catechins
  2. Caffeine

In semi-fermented and fully fermented teas:

  1. Theaflavins
  2. Thearubigins
  3. Caffeine


How Green Tea Benefits The Body:

  1. Reduces gaining of adipose (fat tissue) in the body
  2. Lowers systolic pressure
  3. Lowers LDL cholesterol
  4. Lowers blood sugar, insulin levels
  5. Improve insulin sensitivity and endothelial function
  6. Improved rates of metabolic syndrome
  7. Decreases risk of stroke and coronary artery disease


Mechanisms By Which Green Tea Is Thought To Help With Weight Loss:

  1. Inhibits the enzymes in the gut that lowers the rate of absorption of the fats and sugars
  2. Stimulates thermogenesis – causing you to have increased energy expenditure in the form of heat
  3. Tea polyphenols come in contact with the gut microbiome
  4. Increases fat oxidation as well that is burning the fat within the body



“Even if you start taking green tea, do not expect miraculous results. Green tea alone will probably not help you win the battle over obesity.”


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