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Episode 73: Water And Weight Loss


Water And Weight Loss

Like green tea, drinking water is also one of the hacks, often suggested as a great way to “lose weight”. But have you ever given it a thought as to how real the benefits of drinking water are? Join me in today’s quick episode and be ready for some numbers as I lay down to you the data and evidence of how water impacts weight loss, overall health, and wellbeing.



Key Highlights: 

Tune in to this conversation and learn:

  • How drinking water before meals reduces the risk of being overweight and decreases energy intake for about 13%
  • How mere promotion of water in classroom lessons and installing water fountains in schools can significantly increase water consumption of students and reduce the overweight rate by 31% 
  • How BMI, overweight, and obesity of students were affected by the installation of waterjets in schools
  • Why simply drinking water leads to easier loss of body weight and fat over time
  • The significant association between inadequate hydration and elevated BMI and obesity
  • How the replacement of one serving per day of a sugar-sweetened beverage (or fruit juice) by one cup of water slows down weight gain
  • What you can do to gradually increase your daily water intake


Practical Ways on How to Increase Water Intake:

  1. Start drinking water more consciously. 
    • You can always carry a water bottle with you.
  2. Keep the water in front of you.
    • Having water always in front of you will motivate you to drink water more frequently.
  3. Replace tea or coffee with hot water.
    • Try heating water and sipping it from a cup. It will also feel very satisfying.
  4. Add fresh fruits to your water.
    • Adding the fruits to your water really gives it a very nice and mild flavor.
  5. If you’re feeling hungry, don’t eat right away.
    • Try checking in with yourself first. The brain sometimes mimics thirst as hunger, even when you are just thirsty and all you need is water.


“Water is critical for the proper functioning of our bodies.”


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